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AFFORDABLE DINNER RECIPES | $25 GROCERY BUDGET | QUICK & EASY CHEAP $5 MEAL IDEAS | LET’S GET COOKING! Welcome back to my kitchen! When you’re at the end of your grocery budget, and don’t have much left, it might be overwhelming to try to make a lot of meals out of a few inexpensive ingredients. I know, I’ve been there! At the end of one of my recent videos, I shared that this is actually why I started my cooking channel. Here are 5 of my FAVORITE cheaper meals ideas that cost around $5. So that when you’re overwhelmed, wondering what in the world your family is going to eat, you can make delicious, nutritious meals for cheap! As always, I encourage you to adapt these meals to fit your specific dietary needs!I hope you find a little cooking inspiration. Thank you for being here today 💚

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0:00 Welcome! ❖ Today’s Recipes
0:28 Shop with me at Walmart
2:07 Smoked Sausage Mac and Cheese https://www.juliapacheco.com/smoked-sausage-mac-and-cheese/
4:06 Taco Rice https://www.juliapacheco.com/taco-rice-5-dinner/
5:41 Bean and Rice Red Chili Enchiladas https://www.juliapacheco.com/bean-and-rice-enchiladas/
7:36 Tomato Bacon Pasta https://www.juliapacheco.com/tomato-bacon-pasta-2/
9:10 Chicken Broccoli Rice https://www.juliapacheco.com/chicken-broccoli-rice/

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