The best tortilla with juicy minced meat, smoked paprika and vegetables


by Papri Spice



Hello friends, today we are preparing a tortilla with meat and vegetables, you don’t need to bake, just a pan

for the recipe we need:

2 round tortillas
1 tomato
2 pickled cucumbers
250 g of minced pork
100 g of mozzarella cheese
soy sauce
smoked paprika
green onion

the recipe is as always quick and simple:

add spices and soy sauce to the minced meat and mix well

cut vegetables and grate cheese

then spread the minced meat on the tortilla and spread it in a thin layer

on a heated pan, put the tortilla with minced meat in the pan, fry for 4-5 minutes, turn it over, put vegetables and salad on half of the tortilla, cover with the other half and remove from the heat, sprinkle the finished tortilla with cheese, melt it and add greens.

I especially like to cook this recipe for guests, it is a hearty and tasty dish, try it and enjoy

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