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Hungarian Beef Goulash, one of my most requested recipes! I figure this was a favorite meal at the end of the growing season so folks could use all the bounty of the gardens last hurrah before winter arrives like a lion! This dish is so close to a stew but so so so much better. I use Hot Paprika in this that gives it a little bit of zip that blend amazingly with all the flavors. Enjoy this along with spraetzles that you can learn how to make from an earlier video I did.
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1. 4# of diced chuck beef tips, bite size.
2. Three medium Vidalia or a Sweet onion diced in bite size portions do not chopped fine sautéed these in olive oil enough to coat the bottom of the stock pot and add three tablespoons of salted butter.
3. Two to three heaping tablespoons of Hungarian Paprika, original recipe called for sweet Paprika I prefer a paprika with a little kick so I use a hot paprika, note only two teaspoons are necessary if you go this spicy route.
4. Four chopped larger size ripe tomatoes. If using plumb tomatoes add 6 to seven ripe tomatoes.
5. Two Red peppers chopped bite size.
6. Three to four medium mild Hungarian Peppers or Cubarelle peppers.
7. Half dozen medium Garlic cloves, crushed with a fork.
8. Two heaping tablespoon Caraway seeds.
9. I add a tablespoon or more of beef base, for just a little more pizazz!
10. Add a teaspoon or more of fresh ground black pepper.
Note: I add all spices when I brown the meat. I have been taught that releasing the spices early into the pot maximizes their flavor!

When all of your ingredients are prepared place in a heavy steal or stainless pot. Add Olive oil and butter, to the onions and spices, cook till translucent, then add garlic and beef, cook till brown. Do Not add water as you cook this. Then add ALL bite size vegetables to pot. As the vegetables cook they will provide all the liquid you need. Continue simmering on a medium heat till the meat gets tender approximate time is 1.5 hours or longer you be the judge. Simmering all this goodness will only help the final taste. Taste for salt and pepper!
When I make this great dish I always make tradition spätzle’s. Please look at my previous short video on how to make this amazing dumplings as we refer to them in the US. I have also heard many folks also cook pasta to scoop this goulash over in a wide brim bowl. Remember with pasta 11 minutes in boiling salted water, no more no less!!
Note: this dish is almost a soup consistency no thickening is needed unless you are more comfortable with a gravy texture in that case I would add a corn starch slurry but there should never be a need for this. Note: What is a Slurry? A slurry is 2 tablespoons of Corn starch to a ¼ cup of warm not HOT water, mixed well and add to the boiling mixture. Depending on the volume you may need more! Just give this a few minutes to thicken!
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