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Cooking easy lean pancakes from zucchini. Recipes for vegetable pancakes. How to cook zucchini delicious. Vegan zucchini recipe. Recipe for zucchini without eggs. Cooking lean pancakes from zucchini and oatmeal. Summer recipe from vegetables without meat. Keto Vegan recipe for weight loss. Low Glycemic Zucchini Recipe for Fat Burning and Weight Loss. Takeaway lunch idea recipe.

0:00 Cooking is easy!
0:04 Zucchini -2 pcs
007 Onion – 1 pc
0:44 Oatmeal flakes -30 gr. Leave everything for 20 minutes
1:19 Flour – 60 gr
1:29 ½ tsp Soda, salt, thyme, oregano, basil, paprika, black pepper
2:20 Vegetable oil for frying
3:34 Bon appetit!

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