MOST DELICIOUS High Protein Crispy Orange Chicken Sandwich! ONLY 511 CALS #recipe #fatloss #foodie


by Papri Spice



High Protein Crispy Orange Chicken Sandwich! ONLY 511 CALORIES🍔🔥

One of the most delicious combos, packed with so much flavour and so easy to make! A much healthier and lower calorie alternative too🤌🏽

Macros per Sandwich (4 total)

511 Calories | 41g Protein | 56g Carbs | 12g Fat


– 2 Chicken Breasts tenderised and cut into halves (approximately 175g raw each piece)
– Season with Salt, Paprika, Garlic and Onion Powder
– 80g Crushed Cornflakes (Brand: Kellogs)
– Season again with paprika, garlic and onion powder
– 1-2 eggs (egg wash)
– Cooking Spray
– Low Calorie Brioche Bun (Brand: Aldi)


– 200ml Orange Juice
– 30-40ml Soy Sauce (Light mixed with Dark)
– 25g Honey
– 15g Sriracha
– 5g Cornflour mixed with 40ml Water (helps thicken the sauce)

Tangy Slaw

You can store this in batches in the fridge, flavours get better overtime!

– Thinly cut Cabbage
– Sliced Red Onion
– Grated Carrots
– Green Onion
– 15-20ml Light Soy Sauce
– 10-15ml Rice Vinegar

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Important Cooking Notes

– Make sure to tenderise the chicken breast for even thickness. Will cook evenly, better when assembling the sandwich and easier to eat as it won’t be so thick
– Coat the chicken pieces as well as possible to get maximum crispiness
– When making the glaze, bring to a light bubble and reduce the sauce for 5 mins, the sauce will get darker slightly then add the cornstarch slurry. Then simmer for 2-3 mins till it thickens

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