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PAPRIKA! Can’t have deviled eggs without it!

The word paprika is Hungarian but the peppers (capsicum annuum) originate in the tropical Americas – Mexico, Central, or South America.

Paprika can vary from mild to hot. If your container of paprika just says “PAPRIKA” then it’s probably sweet paprika. Made from something similar to a sweet red bell pepper that has been dried and ground.

Hungarian paprika is usually slowly sundried before it is ground and can vary from mild to hot.

Spanish paprika (pimentón) is usually smoked over a wood fire before it is ground and can also vary from mild to hot.

Hot paprika is usually labeled HOT🔥

Paprika loses its flavor quickly so try to buy the freshest product you can, you may need to try a new brand if your paprika doesn’t have any flavor.

Toasting paprika in oil releases the flavors but be careful not to burn it.

It seems that some people can’t taste paprika at all possibly due to genetics.

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