Cooking with Kaido: Making Organic Red&Green Cabbage Salad with Carrots& Portobello Mushroom.


by Papri Spice



For those People as myself who are Lactose Intolerant. an alternative to American or Eastern European Colwslaw which uses Mayonaise or Sour Cream.
I make my salads with Vinegar based sauces. You the viewer can do so as well.
Be creative and tailor your foods to your dietary needs!

One 9- 10 oz Bag of Freshly cut& washed Green/ Red Cabbage, Shereded Carrots,( 2) Portabello Mushrooms, Chopped Celery.
Dressing/ Sauce: Sunflower Oil, White Balsamic Vinegar, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Fresh Crushed Black Pepper,TJ Cuban style Citrus Garlic Blend Spice, Hungarian Paprika, Dion Mustard, 1 or 2 Raw Sugar packets.

Note: Use your ” Discretion” as to the sizing of the amounts of the ingredients.

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