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This Instant Pot chicken and rice recipe is one of my absolute favorite recipes. When I’m not in the mood to make it in the Instant Pot, I just use my normal pot and modify the times slightly.

The benefits of using a pressure cooker like the instant pot for chicken recipes is that they come out INCREDIBLY tender and juicy. Instant Pot is great also for rice recipes. It acts like a rice cooker and has a rice mode, which makes things quite simple.

This chicken and rice recipe is really easy and flavorful. Loads of garlic, paprika and great blend of spices. Cooking rice with chicken lets the renderings and juices of the chicken to seep into the rice as it cooks.

What you’ll need:
-Jasmin Rice (2c)
-Water (2c)
-Chicken Thighs (5-6)
-Paprika (2 tbsp)
-Parsley (1 tbsp)
-olive oil (5-6 tbsps)
-Garlic (4-6)
-Onions (1 chopped)
-Mushrooms (6-10 sliced)

Ratio to cooking jasmine rice in the Instant Pot is 1:1. 1 Cup rice, 1 cup water.
If you are cooking it in a normal pot, 1:1.25… so 1 cup rice for 1.25 cups water.
Chicken cooked off 5 minutes per side
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0:00 – Todays meal is…
1:02 – Prep time
2:00 – Starting to cook
3:24 – Rice time
4:25 – Instant Pot cooking time
5:08 – That looks delicious!
6:38 – Pro Tips & Tricks

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