smoked paprika herb infused butter grilled cheese


by Papri Spice



Going against the grain of the trendy garlic herb infused butter (and my last three recipes), I wanted to try and make a delicious tasting compound butter without the coveted cloves. I opted for a blend of smoked paprika, pepper, and oregano and it turned out beautiful both in color and taste. The flavors could have been brought to the next level had I had some fresh oregano on hand, but when you’re in a pinch the dried herbs work perfectly. One tip I need to hammer home is the importance of letting this grilled cheese cook on low. This will give you the crispiest exterior possible while also keeping your fresh herbs from being burnt. While making this sandwich, I had an awesome idea for a lower calorie version, so let me know if you want to see that!

Half stick unsalted butter
Fresh Parsley
Dried Oregano (preferably fresh)
Salt & Pepper
Smoked paprika
Bread and cheese of your choice!

Song: Play it Sam by Phillip E Morris

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