Chicken with Porcini mushrooms and Hungarian Nokedli (Dumplings)


by Papri Spice



Hello everybody, don’t forget to turn on the Subtitles
This is a meal with Chicken and Porcini mushrooms with Hungarian Nokedli.
The meal contains the following ingredients :
– 3 mid size yellow onions
– a little cooking oil
– 2 Sweet Red Capia Peppers
– 2 Chicken breasts
– Salt
– 2 teaspoons of Paprika
– a tip of a teaspoon of black pepper
– 1 teaspoon of dry parsley ( use fresh if you have )
– 1 teaspoon of dry basil ( use fresh if you have )
– a tip of a teaspoon of cumin powder
– around 3 cloves of garlic
– mushrooms
– sour cream

The Nokedli ( Dumplings )
– 300g of flour
– 2 eggs
– salt
– milk

I hope you try this recipe, and as always, let me know in the comment section if you did.
Have a great day

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