Get Cooking With These Apps & Accessories – Meater+, HoverBar Duo, Crouton, Paprika 3, and more


by Papri Spice



Rosemary and Mikah show you some apps and accessories you can use to craft cocktails, bake delicious treats, and cook delicious meals.
• MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer
• Twelve South HoverBar Duo
• Crouton: Cooking Companion
• Paprika 3
• HelloFresh
• Highball
• Unboxing and reviewing Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack
• Facebook’s cloud gaming service hits iOS devices as a web app
• Ultra Wideband Availability Expands to Argentina, Paraguay, and More
• You can check your iPhone for Pegasus spyware (unlikely as it is)
• Mi Temperature & Humidity Digital Clock
• Aqara HomeKit Accessories Now Available From Online Apple Store in Europe
• Astronomer shows stunning Milky Way iPhone photo
• Breathable 1.0
• iDOS emulator may be removed from the App Store ↦
• Nomad Opens Pre-Orders for $35 Leather Cover for Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack
Shortcuts Corner
• Ms Dee asks for a Shortcut that will create alarms throughout the day for sourdough maintenance and care.
• Terry needs a Shortcut that will let them schedule timers based on their breaks — either 15 or 25 minutes.
• Following up with James regarding lossless audio availability on the HomePod Mini.
• TJ needs an app for tracking media that makes it swift and easy to add new entries.
App Caps
• Rosemary’s App Cap: Fluidics
• Mikah’s App Cap: T-Mobile Test Drive

Hosts: Mikah Sargent, Rosemary Orchard
iOS Today episode 559
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