Tasty Can POUSSIN CHICKEN Recipe – CRISPY outside and JUICY inside | cutting paprika


by Papri Spice



Today i will show you my secret recipe for such amazing POUSSIN CHICKEN. This chicken is CRISPY outside and JUICY inside. You should taste this delicious chicken recipe at home. Please subscribe my Channel and share this video if you like it.

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2 small chickens about 550g each

1 tsp salt
few peppercorns
half tsp rosemary
half tsp thyme
half tsp garlic powder
half tsp coriander
half tsp mustard seeds
2 tbsp sweet paprika
2 spoons oil

For side dish-
1 grapefruit
1 orange
half of lemon juice
few mint leaves
olive oil
half tsp sugar
sprinkle of salt and pepper

250ml chicken stock
2 bay leaves
2 allspice grains

4-5 carrots
5-6 medium potatoes
Few thyme sprigs
Sprinkle of oil

180°C – 356°F 40 min

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