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Smoky Bell Pepper Chili Chicken

A delicious BBQ style chili chicken recipe made with a smoky bell pepper or capsicum chili based sauce. Made using one roasting pan and a blender. It also adapts well to a closed lid style BBQ. Simple to make, and if you make this the day before, it’s even better as the sauce works like a marination. The sauce is made using red bell peppers or capsicums, they are charred black and peeled giving you a smoky flavour.

Watch the video to see how to peel and smoke a bell pepper or capsicum. Make extra of these smoky bell peppers as these are delish in salads or as a condiment for many other meals.

Make sure you cook the chicken long enough to get a few black burnt bits on top. They are so tasty! Serve it with a crispy fresh salad, rice or potatoes. Enjoy my smoky bell pepper chili chicken.

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