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Original McDonald sauceسس مکدونالد اصل مخصوص برگر

Hello, my name is Mehrdad. This channel is Chef Beyk. Today I want to remind you of McDonald’s sauce with the original recipe, which has a wonderful taste and is one of the great McDonald sauces.
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It does not have much material. Let’s see how to make this sauce.
There are two categories of sauces: one is basic sauces and the other is a combination of other ingredients and sauces, of which McDonald’s sauce is the second.
Friends, we want to provide you with the best recipes, if you would like to have these recipes:
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Some smoke extracts are very thick, some are thin, add the extract little by little to get the taste you want.
mayonnaise sauce
an onion
Fresh lemon juice
olive oil
Garlic, sugar, mustard sauce, paprika, salt
Add the smoke extract little by little, that’s enough
The smell of smoke extract is wonderful.
Those who do not have smoke extract can heat a charcoal completely, pour a little oil on it and put the desired sauce in the pot. Put the charcoal in the pot as well. Close the lid of the pot for 10-15 minutes, this is better than the extract. .
Serve the sauce.
This is one of the McDonald sauces


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