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Spiced Vegetable Soup

Spiced Vegetable Soup

Recipe from Sabrina Ghayour with a few changes

Sorry about some of the out of focus shots, first time mistakes

Feel free to drop any advice in the comments or make requests for any future videos.

I used spaghetti squash but you could substitute with butternut, pumpkin, sweet potato
You could use some kind of canned beans if you have chickpea allergies
You can use whatever spices you like, I used hot paprika and harissa to make it spicy but you could substitute sweet or smoked paprika and tomato paste. Similarly if you don’t have harissa you could use gochujang or doubanjiang to get more heat.
If you are vegan just omit the feta or use a vegan alternative cheese.
The herbs I used were coriander and parsley but you can use whatever is available to you, just chop them up finely and only sprinkle on when serving.


Long Calming Piano Background by DS Productions
Thank you DS Productions!

Enjoy 🙂


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