Paprika Chiken

chicken dance 2 【Paprika Gallus】

dance fucker dance they never had a chance

Chat rules:
1. Be kind and polite. Please do not start drama or be mean to me or the other chat members.
2. Do not ask overly personal or rude questions. Please respect my privacy.
3. Please respect YouTube’s ToS.
4. Avoid talking about or posting spoilers if possible unless I mention them or ask for them.
5. Please do not talk about other VTubers or streamers unless they are brought up in stream.
6. Please stay on topic of the stream.
7. I only speak English. I can understand a little Japanese and am interested in learning many languages, but I don’t always have time to use Google Translate to translate messages. In chat, please try to use some English even if it’s only a little. Thank you for the understanding.
And that’s all! Let’s all enjoy HAPPY CHICKEN LIFE! 🐣
If you would like to contact me for a commission or a collab, please email me at
Want to ask me a question? Send me something at Marshmallow or CuriousCat!


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