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Cooking with Hannah!! (Lobster, Crab, Mac & Cheese)

Today is special as I am in California!! I am blessed to be hanging out with my kids. Hannah is an amazing cook. Joshua helped as well and was our taste tester. Grace is like me – we love to eat!!

Lobster, Crab, Mac & Cheese
– 1 tsp Salt
– 1 pound Cavatappi Pasta
– 1 quart Milk
– 7 ounce White Cheddar Cheese
– 16 ounce Sharp Cheddar Cheese
– 1/2 cup flour
– 8 tbsp unsalted butter
– Black pepper & Paprika to taste
– 1/2 tsp nutmeg
– 1 pound lobster meat
– 1 pound crab or shrimp

Preheat oven to 375F (195C). Boil salt water, add pasta and cook. Drain well. Heat the milk in a small saucepan, but don’t allow it to boil. In a large pot, melt 6 tablespoons of the butter and add the flour. (make Roux first – it taste much better). Cook over low heat for 2 minutes, stirring constantly with a whisk. Still whisking, add the hot milk and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, until thickened and smooth. Turn off the heat, add the cheese, pepper and nutmeg and stir until the cheese melts. Stir in the cooked pasta and lobster. Put the rest of the butter on top and sprinkle in black pepper and paprika (on top). Bake for 30 minutes, until the sauce is bubbly and the pasta is browned on top.

Best to enjoy immediately after taking it out of the oven. Let me know how you like it!

Special shoutout to my kids!

As Always, “Live Well, Love Well, Peace!”

Composer: Benjamin Tissot (Also known as Bensound)
Song: “Groovy Hip Hop”


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