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Chicken stuffed eggplant: an explosion of flavors in every bite

2 Eggplants
300g ( 11 oz ) Chicken fillet
120g ( 1 cup ) Cherry tomato 
20 Black olives 
4 Capers
80g ( 2/3 cup ) Cheese 
2 tbsp Flour 
1 tbsp Chopped onion  
1 tsp Salt 
1 tsp Oregano  
Tomato sauce

Cut the eggplants and remove the middle from it. Eggplant squares put in a bowl and save for later.
In other bowl add chopped chicken, add flour and mix it.
In a hot pan pour some oil and put the chicken. Cook it a little and add chopped eggplant. Mix it and put cherry tomatoes, black olives, capers, salt, pepper and oregano. Mix it well and cook for 10 minutes. Put it into bowl.
In a hot pan pour tomato sauce, add oil and salt and mix. Add chopped onion and mix.
Pour water, mix and add eggplants. Add a little salt and put the chicken mixture into eggplants.
Put the cheese on them and add some cherry tomato. Cook for about 50 minutes. Serve with parsley. 


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