How to Make Cold Process Soap with a Paprika Oil Infusion


by Papri



A video for beginner soap makers, this is a method of making soap that you may find useful. Our intention is to give you ideas and information to help you learn. If you have questions please post comments below and we’ll answer as soon as possible..

Our information is intended as a guide only and you should always conduct your own research and be responsible for your own creativeness in every instance.

This video was made by Yvonne Cowell of Simply Natural Soap Making Supplies in Australia for the Facebook group, Soap Making with Natural Ingredients Forum.

Ingredients –

225gm Extra Virgin Olive Oil
150gm Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Infused with 20gm Sweet Paprika)
125gm Coconut Oil
50gm Shea Butter
190gm Demineralised Water
76gm Sodium Hydroxide
4 teaspoons Zinc Oxide mixed into a little water (for contrast on top, optional)
Essential Oils – 10gm Palmarosa, 3gm Sweet Orange, 2gm Litsea

This recipe is calculated with a 5% Superfat.

Note – The temperature references in this video are Celsius. This is my recommendation for beginner soap makers when combining your lye into your oils. Always have your ingredients under this temperature. This is also my recommendation for the oven process at the end of my video.

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