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New York Striploin Roast smoked low n slow, then seared using the “Cold Grate Technique” on the new SnS Grills, Kettle . I “dry-brined” the meat (1/2 tsp kosher salt per pound, or 1/4 tsp for table salt). Then I hit it with a salt-free rub/herb mixture. This was amazing and beckons the question… Is this better than prime rib? I cooked this striploin over indirect heat, using the Slow n Sear and running the kettle at 225ºF. I flipped it once, when it hit 75ºF, then pulled it at 125ºF. While the meat rested, I cranked up the heat on the kettle, and let the grate cool. Once the kettle was ready, I seared the roast over the direct heat for one minute each side, a total of four times.
Tom Horsman:
Baby Back Maniac:
Slather recipe:
1/2 cup Not Just For Beef Rub
2 tbs dry rosemary
2 tbs dry thyme
1 tbs dehydrated onion
1 tbs dehydrated garlic
1 tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

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