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Grilled vegetables are the best! And combining it with the famous representative of Greek cuisine : feta is invaluable. Here you find 15-min recipe with just 4 ingredients: paprika, feta, parsley and a cherry tomato. This time-saver and a-few-ingredient recipe will get you through at least one-lunch/ dinner option in these isolation days. Besides being a quick meal for the kids, it will strengthen their immune system with its rich protein, low-processed preparation style. You just need 15 min to try it out!

1- Mash the feta.

2- Pick out the parsley leaves and chop them.

3- Mix them with mashed feta

4- Add salt and pepper and mix throughly.

5- Cut paprika in half and fill it with the mixture.

6- Cut cherry tomato in half and cover the filled paprikas.

7- Grill the paprikas for about 12 minutes.

8- And ready for service!


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