Hickory Smoked Almonds & Salt ~ Apple Smoked Salt & Paprika ~ Using A Pit Boss Pellet Smoker


by Papri



Today I smoked Sea Salt and Paprika with Pit Boss Apple Pellets. I smoked Sea Salt and Spicy Habanero Almonds with Pit Boss Hickory Pellets on my Pit Boss Pro Series 1100 and Pit Boss Tailgater!

Another reason why you NEED TWO Pit Boss Smokers (At least)!

What do you use smoked salt for? Anything and Everything that you add salt to. Smoked salt adds that nice smoke flavor without overpowering with smoke.

And don’t forget to SMOKE ALMONDS! Oh man, they are the Best!

If you get a chance, it’s a must do! And easy to do on a Pit Boss Pellet Smoker.

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