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Today I am making very delicious n crispy prawns … if you like eating prawns you should definitely give it a try… 😊

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Prawns 1/2 KG washed and cleaned

Marinate them with salt, pepper and Spanish Paprika. Leave them for 30 mints.

Ingredients for the prawns

All Purpose flour to toss the prawns 1/2 cup
add salt n pepper.

2 Eggs beaten well and add salt n pepper

1 Cup breadcrumbs

Toss the Prawns In the flour first then dip them in the egg Mixture and toss them in the breadcrumbs. Keep them all ready and put them In the Fridge for 1 hour OR more.

Remove them out from the fridge 30 mins before frying. Heat the oil and fry them over high heat for 4 to 5 mins. Until they are golden in colour. Remove them on the paper towel.

Serve them hot with the dip……πŸ˜‹

Dip Ingredients

Heinz Ketanchup 1 tSP

Heinz Hot sauce 1 tSp

Heinz Mayonnaise 1 tBs

1/2 grated onion

LEMON Juice 1/4 TSp

Salt to taste

Black Pepper powder 1/4 tSp

Mix everything together N serve with prawns.

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