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BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – One of the most spectacular cities in Europe, Budapest is a fantastic mix of delicious food loaded with paprika, and amazing attractions to visit. In this Hungarian food tour, we’ll eat delicious local food, and visit some of the most famous attractions. Get ready for a full tour of Budapest, Hungary! #Budapest #HungarianFood #goulash

St. Stephen’s Basilica – Since it was on the way to the first restaurant, we stopped for a quick visit to St. Stephen’s Basilica, a Roman Catholic basilica in the heart of Budapest. It’s spectacular.

Első Pesti Rétesház – Hungarian Restaurant – Located right in the heart of Budapest, around the corner from St. Stephen’s Basilica is Első Pesti Rétesház. Local Hungarian friends had recommended the strudel there, so that’s exactly what I went for. I’m not sure about the other food, but their strudel is fantastic. I tried a sour cherry and a cabbage, both extraordinary. Total price – 1,300 HUF ($4.29)

Hungarian Parliament Building – Also known as the National Assembly of Hungary, this is a landmark and iconic building of Budapest.

Pozsonyi Kisvendeglo – But there was nothing I wanted more than to get started eating local Hungarian food on this tour. So we walked over to Pozsonyi Kisvendeglo, a local restaurant with an indoor section and lovely outdoor terrace. First I ordered one of their specialities, bone marrow with garlic and toast. Then without a doubt, there was nothing I wanted to eat more than Hungarian goulash, the most well known of all Hungarian food. Their goulash was outstanding, flavorful from paprika, and loaded with tender chunks of beef. Additionally, their Pörkölt, a Hungarian meat stew, served with pasta dumplings, was delicious. Ying had the steak with mushrooms, also fantastic. Great Hungarian food! Total price – 8,400 HUF ($27.69) for everything

Matthias Church – Church of the Assumption of the Buda Castle – After lunch we walked across the river to Matthias Church, which was very busy, and unfortunately it wasn’t open on the inside due to a wedding. But the outside was still worth a visit.

Buda Castle – Royal Palace – Finally, the last of the Budapest attractions we visited on this tour was Buda Castle. And then we were ready to eat again!

Náncsi Néni – Located not too far, but outside the limits of Budapest, is a restaurant that I really wanted to try, and so we caught a taxi directly there. Náncsi Néni is exactly what I was hoping for, a local Hungarian food restaurant, serving traditional Hungarian dishes, all within a picturesque tree shaded courtyard. We tried the catfish paprikash stew, and the roasted duck with liver. Both were delicious. Náncsi Néni is a little more of a Hungarian upscale restaurant, but it was well worth it, for the food and ambiance, and it’s a great place for kids too. 18,300 HUF ($60.33) – Total price for everything

Thank you for watching this Hungarian food tour of Budapest, and I hope you have an amazing time when you visit!



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