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In this video I show you three ways I save money with meal planning and Paprika App and demo three of the less well known features of the app:
– tracking food you’ve grown and/or bulk buys which are due to expire using Paprika App’s Pantry function
– use Paprika’s Menu function to create standardised rotatable meal plans to save time on weekly and monthly food planning
– Move from meal plans to an exportable Paprika App Grocery List for use in iOS Reminders, print off or even send off your shopping list by email to someone else!

Paprika is my favourite recipe app and has some amazing meal planning features. Paprika is available on Mac, IOS, Windows and Android – here I’m using the iPad version which is my favourite. This isn’t a sponsored video by the way – I just love this app and making the video has made me realise how I can get even more from it, saving money and reducing food waste at the same time. What’s not to like?

Once you’re up and running with the app, have a look at my Paprika Pro Tips for how you can adapt the set up to include meal prep, level up your recipe search skills and quick ways to ‘roll with the lunches’ (see what I did there?) when plans go pear shaped:

Here’s a link to their main page

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