Paprika Chicken Pitta Breads Cooked On The Traeger Timberline 850


by Papri



You can eat healthy BBQ food, it’s not all about great slabs of fatty meat, this chicken recipe served with salad contains very little fat. Flatten out the chicken breasts (check out our video showing you how to do this) before you marinate them in the spices.
Pre-heat the Traeger to 220C and cook the chicken for about 5 minutes each side. This can just as easily be done on any BBQ; as the chicken is cooked quickly cook over direct heat; if the outside does start to char just move over to the indirect area to come up to the safe temperature. Check the core temperature of the chicken with a digital temperature probe and as soon as it reaches 75C, the safe temperature for cooked chicken, take it off and let rest for as long as you have cooked it for. Just cover with tinfoil and tea-towels and leave it in a warm place.
Serve the chicken in pitta breads with shredded lettuce, sliced red onions and finely sliced red peppers then finish off with some garlic mayonnaise. To make it even healthier you could leave out the mayo and use a low fat dressing.

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