How To Make Easy Loofah Dipped Paprika Cold Processed CP Soap For The Fall with RECIPE:)


by Papri



21 oz water (Dissolve 2 TBS of Himalayan Salt and 2 TBS of Organic Cane Sugar in water before adding lye)
7.7 oz lye
Add a pinch of tussah silk fibers after adding lye. Stir and let sit until it is at room temperature.

Melt Hard Oils first then add liquid oils.
20oz of Organic Coconut oil
8oz of Organic Cocoa Butter

34oz of Olive Oil
4oz of Organic Castor Oil

Gold glitter for top. Chop stick swirl top of soap.

Add lye to oils mix, Add 4 TBS of Paprika and 4oz of Fragrance. I used Autumn Fig from Brambleberry.

Here’s the link for the loofahs

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