Super Organized Herbs and Spices with Paprika App Pantry


by Papri



In this video I give you a step by step guide to getting super organized herbs and spices with Paprika App Pantry. This Paprika App Pantry Tutorial walks you through 5 steps to becoming a zen master of herb and spices organization including:
1. Setting up Paprika Pantry with headings that work for you
2. Preparing your herbs and spices ready for the audit
3. Adding herbs and spices to Paprika
4. Using the In Stock function of Paprika App for Shopping List Prep
5. Adding a twice yearly herb and spices audit to Paprika Calendar

It’s important to understand the difference between Use By and Best Before dates when working with herbs and spices so I’ve added an additional guide to help you understand the difference. If you’d like a copy of the slide as a printable PDF, click the link below and I’ll get that to you:

In the meantime, get the coffee on, fire up Paprika on the iPad and let’s do this thing.

This screencast is recorded using Paprika 3 on IOS on the iPad.

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