From Mexico to Spain to Hungary – the journey of PAPRIKA


by Papri



Paprika is one of the most versatile spices in the world. It is used for seasoning, colouring and garnishing all kinds of foods, BUT:
Where does it come from?
How is it produced?
What makes it mild, spicy or smokey?
Let’s find out!

Here are all the paprikas and dried peppers used in this video with their estimated prices in Germany:
Hungarian Édesnemes Paprika (4,83€/100gr)
Spanish La Vera Smoked Paprika (6,25€/100gr)
Green Paprika Flakes (7,14€/100gr)
Chilli Flakes (6,75€/100gr)
Cayenne Pepper (5,89€/100gr)
Chipotle Flakes (8,44€/100gr)

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