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Recipe 1 Crab Thermidor


crab meat
rice (boiled) – 1 cup
onion (chopped) -1 nos
salt – as required
sun flower oil – as required
butter – 1 tbspn
saffron – 1 spn
celery (chopped) -1 spn
maida powder -1 ½ spn
white pepper powder -1/2 spn
milk – ½ cup
cream – 3 spn
cheese – 1tbspn
mustard paste – 1 spn
lime juice – 1 spn
parsley leaves– 2 tbspn


Step 1 Sauce preparation
1.Heat oil and butter in a pan.
2.Saute the garlic
3.Add onion and celery. Saute until its became golden.
4.Add maida and white pepper powder and saute well.
5.Add milk and saute until the gravy becomes thicker.
6.Add mustard paste, salt and cheese. stir the mix continuously .
7.Mix cream and crab meat
8.Finally add lime juice and parsley leaves.

Step 2

1.Fill the sauce into the crab shell.
2.Crab decorate with cheese and parsley.

Step 3 Saffron rice
1.Put saffron into ¼ cup of milk. Set aside.
2.Heat the oil and butter in a pan.
3.Add rice into it and Saute.
4.Add saffron milk with saffron, salt and parsley.
5.Now crab thermidor is ready.

Recipe 2 Honey Paprika Chicken


bone less chicken (sliced) – 5 pieces
garlic -1 tsp
ginger- 1 tsp
parsley – 2 tsp
celery – 2 tsp
onion (chopped) -1 nos
paprika powder – 2 tsp
sweet chilly syrup -2tsp
salt – as required
chilly flakes – 1 tsp
olive oil – as required
balsamic vinegar – 1 tsp
honey -1 ½ tsp
sweet chilly sauce -1 tsp
Barbecue sauce -1 tsp


Step 1 marination

1.marinate the chicken with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, chilly flakes, salt and mix well. Set aside for 15 min
2. For sweet chilly sauce -chilly flakes mix with sugar syrup, tomato sauce and vinegar.

Step 2

Sauce preparation

1.Heat oil in a pan.
2Saute garlic, ginger, onion and celery, until it getting brown.
3.After sauteing add paprika powder, sweet chilly sauce, barbecue sauce
4.Add a little water and salt.

Step 3 Grill the chicken.
1.Heat oil in a pan.
2.Fry the chicken.
3.Fried chicken put it to the sauce. And saute well.
4.Finally add honey into it.

Nalla Ruchi is a cookery show aired on Mazhavil Manorama. The show is unique in its format as it explores the local cuisine and exclusive dishes of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. Team Nalla Ruchi travels along the length and breadth of Kerala to present the most exclusive and mouthwatering cuisine of our beautiful state.

Nalla Ruchi presents to the audience the experience of the divine and exclusive tastes of Kerala cuisine. Each episode of Nalla Ru chi is shot at a special location. The audience get to see how the master dishes of the restaurant/ resort are cooked, also enjoying the sights and ambiance of the location.

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