Chickpea and tomato shakshuka with smoked paprika


by Papri



Shakshuka Recipe on

This is an exceptionally flavorful shakshuka which is a one pot dish with simple ingredients.

We pack in the flavor with a couple secret ingredients, including our extra virgin olive oil and natural tomato sauce. Watch for details!

Adding in chickpeas and spinach made this a complete meal. Give yourself enough time to slowly sauté the vegetables on the stove top. The flavor deepens with more time, lower heat. Set your pan or skillet on medium to medium high until the onions and peppers start to blacken (not too quickly).

If you have a dual use pan for stove top and oven, using that will quicken the process. If you don’t, a skillet and baking dish are just fine.

Shakshuka Recipe on

Learn about the delicious tomato sauce we used:

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